Friday, September 11, 2015

friday friday fridayyyy--- tomorrow is the dayyy

Stan is off work today and we are going to walmart to get some last minute things for whatever--  not just the festival but we are going to be beach in october (SNOWBIRDS!) and there are things on clearance now because they are getting rid of the summer beach stuff and they wont have it again after that so we need to get them now

so we are going to clean out the car, go to walmart, get that stuff, come back pack up and head to my mom and dad's
and we are going to try to get everything as situated as possible for tomorrow (sat) as possible
and try to relax so i dont lose my head
im taking a shower at my parents house tomorrow night because it will keep me more fresh for tomorrow lol and i dont have TIME to shower tomorrow morning we are getting up at like 5am

i am running around like a chicken with my head cut off and i cant focus on anything

right now i am going to get ready to go to the store so we can get ready and leave and get there and i can calm down because everytime i move or change something its like panic panic panic

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