Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Another week started.. Closer to the beach vacay

this past weekend we stayed home and relaxed all weekend.
we had corn on the cob and chicken on Saturday. my period started on the super blood full moon eclipse. I'm in sync with the moon.
I keep taking the same sinus allergy medicine and it doesn't seem to be working
that combined with my period headache and cramping I just haven't really been getting out of bed much lately.

though yesterday i did have a migraine i think.. it was only on one side and i was seeing spots and flickers of light and that side of my face was tingling a bit

oh well

i just tired to scrub the soap scum mold off the shower curtain thing that holds the shampoo and what not... it  hooks to the shower curtain hooks and hangs down.. anyways.. we have two and they were bad and i tried to scrub them... maybe the bleach will work a little over the next hour or two???

i just finished "beautiful you" by Palahniuk and its just.. wow. i think he just wanted to keep shocking people, honestly.. but some of the themes about mass media and marketing and stuff are nice -- that he points out stuff that people might not see 
i dont know
it was a crazy ass book to read and i loved it even though it was dirty  dirty dirty lol

my cousin april has suggested some books for me to read and i think i will pick one of those up when i return this book and the pagan book of holidays or whatever it is.

i dunno
things feel a little off this week

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