Tuesday, September 8, 2015

afewdayslate: weekend before the festival.. done.. next up-- festivallll

So first football cookout weekend is done... We went to my parents house Friday night and came back this afternoon.
Dad smoked a Boston butt and we cut it up and used Stan's bbq sauce and had sandwiches.also other food but I didn't really eat anything but chips and dessert other than the meat. And today I had muffins.
Kind of ruined my weight loss that I had accomplished so I'm pretty pissed off.

We got a lot of planning done for next weekend at the festival. Went through the display stuff and got things better organized.
All that's left is some last minute things to make and get together and we are ready..
I Am so stressed out that I am snapping at everybody all the time and I hate myself for it.. I just keep hiding away and sleeping and laying in bed to keep from upsetting people.
This week is going to be a "Keep my head on straight until weekend" week.. And then the festival is Saturday.

(edit: this is sunday i didnt finish and wanted to still post)

stan just blew my mind by going to the store to get my silly things i wanted like a bigger binder for the wedding planning and popsicles and
i do not deserve this man at all and i am having a hard to coping with this. its not easy

unfinished because got distracted as usual

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