Tuesday, August 25, 2015

tuesday night quickie lol (that sounds so wrong...)

soooo went to the casino on saturday evening (without Stan, sadly, he was too tired from doing his field news reporter thing to come) and I ended up coming out with $60 net profit so that was cool. i was the only person who won anything at all really

oh ye of little faith-- i did a huge spell for luck in the wee hours of saturday morning and i was hold the charm i made from the stuff from the spell in my hand and rubbing it between my fingers when i won

so get off me folks im a witch

i drank like, two orange juice and vodkas and i fell asleep instantly when we got to the car and slept most of the ride home. and then crashed and sleep all night lol my medicine does not mix with alcohol very well


stan met us at my parents house when we got back because i forgot my medicine for sunday like a DUMB ASS
so we slept at my parents house saturday night, stan finally got to sleep.

but on saturday evening, while we were at the casino he was at the APR Public Radio Pub thing at Druid City Brewery and apparently the owner DEFINITELY wanted me to make earring for him to sell in the pub.

as a matter of fact, when stan stopped by monday after work the guy PAID IN FULL FOR HIS ORDER BEFORE EVEN GETTING PRODUCT FROM ME
he did see samples of what i plan to make so i guess he was okay with it?

i feel guilty because i have this money and i havent made any thing yet =(

today stan is working late because he interviewed Ted Cruz-- i dont even really know who that is but apparently its a big deal and Stan is a big deal and i love him being a big deal and #braggingrights and shit and ok thanks bye

tomorrow i am going to the store for caffeine pills because i am sleepy a lot again and i refuse to sleep through my days. im not depressed anymore i just get weird drowsy feelings and sleep... though i do usually sleep for like 30 min-1hr and wake up feeling like i slept forever and am really disoriented... but if i dont GET UP AND MOVE i will fall asleep again for another set of deep sleep
its not the kind of sleep that feels good either though its like... sick hot uncomfortable sleep

i dont know what else to say about it... i'd rather just NOT SLEEP AT ALL DURING THE DAY if thats possible

there was something else i was going to get but i cant remember what it is...
ohoh i know it was more smooth move tea

i am going to and write in my real journal and or read a book and then go to bed

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