Tuesday, August 18, 2015

so... hi?

pawpaw's 80th birthday dinner was AMAZING! i am so grateful that Amber (Kim's daughter, kim is like moms sister cause mom has no blood siblings) got us a table saved and had them hide the cake for us until after dinner.. it was amazing.. so wonderful. Nana was doing pretty good.. she Irish'd her coffee so after that got in her blood stream she was all kinds of loopy but it was tolerable.

pawpaw is wearing his glasses he got from the VA because he is a veteran-- he could have been getting medical stuff for cheaper all this time but never did until recently. i guess because the jobs he got after he came back had covered so well the things he needed, but now he has probably ran out of that stuff covering him-- he is so old and wise and i love him so much. 
Nana's shirt is so cute she couldnt believe we liked it so much bit its in fashion right now.. haha

Pawpaw wears his red suspenders WITH PRIDE haha hahaha.. its so cute.. he's like.. "idgaf they keep my pants up get off me"
i just hope... hope hope hope hope hope hope.. they are alive next fall when Stan and I get married

which reminds meeeeee..  Stan and I are going to tie the knot next fall
looking at some dates. the date i want is on a friday so that is kinda poopy. i havent looked up the solar and lunar eclipses for 2016 yet so that will probably give me another set of possible dates that would be nice.. getting married between the lunar and solar eclipses (they come in pairs like that in the late spring and fall) would be wonderful because i have always felt a surge of energy and lots of changes happen during that time... what better time to have a wedding... even better if we could get it on an actual eclipse but i know that is gonna be unlikely... but surely there will be a sat between the two since they usually happen 1.5-2.5 weeks apart. =X

i was going to get some crimson and white beads from walmart but when i told stan they werent the perfect ones i wanted he told me not to get them =X they wouldve been just FINE damn it


so i went to Indian Rivers this morning and got my Latuda, which was there just like i hoped it would be even though i didnt get it as soon as i should have..
then i went to tuscaloosa public library and got "damned" and "doomed" by palahniuk so i have something other than sylvia plath to read.. (i am going to finish "an unquiet mind" sooner than i thought)

then i went to michaels and got the crosses that i had gotten before but i got two strands of them because they were on sale 40% off and now i can make 8 pairs of earrings i just gotta get the beads and make it good

then i went to dollar tree and got the stuff for the house
and then i went to walmart hoping they would have the beads i wanted but they didnt
i did get some bead caps though because i need them to make the fancy looking stuff and im running very low and this was a ton of them for $3

now im home and i took out the trash and walked the dog and checked the mail and i need to change the litter out of the litter box but its storming now and i dont wanna do that in a storm

so im updating my blog and doing to put away all my receipts and do my day log and settle in and maybe read some books
i can do the earrings wednesday... on thursday my friend Jessica is coming by here to pick up the stuff for a goodluck money drawing spell charm thing and i am going to give her a book or two from this pile of books on the craft.

my typing has gotten a lot better. i've been typing out quotes from books and collecting them up again and its fun fun fun and i like it and it gives me something to do

one of the moms of the kids gordon used to play baseball with.. they want a necklace made for their toddler.. alabama elephant game day stuff which is good i am glad to have the business but i just wish i could get some more beads
though the beads i have ARE good for a necklace that a kid is going to wear.. kind of safe, i think

the thunder is rolling and i love it.

okay gonna go do shit now

here have random photo of my daily log

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