Sunday, August 2, 2015

last night was... interesting. AND FUN...painful. BUT FUN

remind me to never eat fried chicken again
like EVER
especially from this one place i guess
also note to self: if you're already having issues dont eat fucking mexican food. are you crazy. (yeeeeeeeeeesssssssss????)

sadly-- i had no choice really-- we went out as a group and that is where we went lol



after we ate we went to Stan's co-worker/friend's house and they played a card game "Cards(crimes) against humanity" and let me tell you--- if you grew up on the interwebz this is the game for you. all you have to do is be the most offensive person, or gross, or weird... yeah its just... awesome
its super easy

i dont feel like explain the details of the game nobody ready my blog anyway

I didnt start off playing but i took over after one of the guys left
and i did really good, almost good enough to beat Stan.... but he won.
I spent the night running up and down the stairs to go to the bathroom. it was hell. it was like... the worst hell.
i dont even want to eat today because if i have to have another BM i will kill myself lolololol
no i wont but it sure does fucking hurt like a mother fucker right now

stan and i had a weird fight a few days ago.. i dont understand exactly what all is going on his head.. but i think its because he doesnt know what is going on with me
im kind of just blank. i dont feel much. im bored a lot but now that i've started reading book again its getting much MUCH better. its very good. i get to catch up on all the reading i needed to do and never could and it makes me feel good.

last night i tried to do a card reading for Mac and i failed miserably.. well not failed but it was as awesome as i wanted. and its because i was intimidated doing it infront of people and i ALSO FELT LIKE MY STOMACH WAS EXPLODING lol
kind of hard to focus when you think you might shit yourself at any second, just SAYING, YA KNOW

oh oh--- we went to walmart yesterday morning to try and get my meds (which we didnt and now have to get tomorrow, i have enough to make it until then so its okay)... and also get cat food, dog food, toilet paper.... and right when we walked into the door they had this 98 cent bin of school supply things and OH MY GOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDD the awesomeseseseseseses.
i am going to go back there and spend some of my money probably.. i wanted everything but i dont want stan to buy it because i feel bad because i dont need it and sad face and booooooo

im ALMOST done with my neon hot pink journal!!!! so close to filling it up, and i just started it right when we went to see Steve Miller Band... so i started it june 7th.. probably gonna finish by august 7th.. TWO MONTHS SO MUCH WRITING AAAAAHHH

at dinner we are going to Mac's apartment and have BREAKFAST AT DINNER WHICH IS BRINNERRRR

going to be so good
... if i eat anything. i dunno. i am, like i said, scared to eat... i have not wanted earlier today but i had to

anyways i am going to go read books or rest my eyes or something.
next week mom and dad are coming to the apartment on wednesday to give me stuff they need to give me and i need to get money from stan to give to my mom.
i ALSO need to remind stan to mail in the check for the festival in September PLEASE DONT FORGET STAN I KNOW YOU READ THIS

ok by now

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