Friday, August 21, 2015

friday friday friday---- so much bad shit has happened but i am pushing through it

soooooooo yeah
it kind of sucks being an empath and hyper sensitive but i select my friends carefully because i know i cant handle caring about too many people because i care too much when i become friends with a person i cant shut it off.. so i have to select who i want to be friends with and its weird


my cousin April is having a hard time and i am praying for her so much i love her
and my great aunt alice on my mom's side of the family just had heart surgery and she is not recovering well and its going to break my nana's heart if she dies and i liked Aunt Alice too so its like god damn it what the fuck
and then Jessica finally tells me everything that is going on with Nathan and his parents and their situation and oh my god i  just want to god meet these people and punch them in the fucking face like they NEED TO GROW THE FUCK UP THEY ARE ADULTS

and then Sherri...oh my god sherri i cant even ... the anger i have towards the people that are doing her wrong  is so strong it is cold and hard.. that situation she is in makes me want to. i dont even know... i want to drive down there and tell these people off and it might come to that, i have so many reasons and they all synchronize an i just need to calm down because i will explode

aaaaaand stan left this morning for Mobile so he can get in a question with Donald Trump.. thats... a big deal

and so he is staying down there tonight and coming back saturday
i will be ready for the casino trip when he gets back and he will come home an take me to meet them and i will go with them and he will come home and sleep
its just too much to do for him with his pain and i understand i just hope gordon understands

soo i have done up some green baggies for taking good luck charms and such
and working on that today..

 and im looking at what sign the moon is in tomorrow and im going to do a tarot reading tonight and yep i am in the zone totally

going to the store to get cigarettes (two packs for $5 cant beat it, i love this guy who has this gas station right here next to the apartment)
then i need to eat and do shit .. i definitely need to eat

so im gonna watch practical magic and do some readings and go to bed i guess i dunno i need to read maybe i will do that

tomorrow i am getting ready and stan is coming back home and immediately taking me to meet my parents so i can go with them to the casino for my brothers birthday.. stan is so tired that he doesnt want to go and i can understand that what with his legs and pain and i just feel bad for him coming home and having to drive me out there to meet them so i can ride with them

and i am going to take good luck charms and its game on

my parents house got hit by lightning yesterday so they need money to replace the under ground fence for the dogs and the satellite internet and i dont even know what else... may luck be on our side saturday night.

anyways i need to go now before it gets dark

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