Tuesday, July 21, 2015

today was a dayyy

I went to Indian Rivers with the intention of paying on my huge psych bill and also verifying my (lack of) income.... but i completely forgot my foodstamp letter .... so all i did was pay on my bill.
which is good, its just a little bit but we gotta start chipping away at all my medical bills so we can get marrieddddd.

then  went to Barnes&Noble and read my occult books out in the open and laughed inside while people glared at me cause they think im horrible stupid closed minded peopleeee

i have started to not give a fuckkkkk about people knowing im a witch
like get off me, we are more peaceful than all other religions nobody kills anybody or fights wars... the biggest thing is "harm none" like just... get off me. we are all about love and acceptance and its pretty pathetic that i even FEEL like like i have to hide my spiritual practices. i should not have to do this

the world is changing though and i think maybe soon this will be pretty normal for everybody.. i mean... we have marriage equality now.

so i am working on a new super organized Grimoire and i have all these books so i can make it all proper and thoroughhhh

i gotta get two birthday cards in the mail tomorrowwww


i think we might not go see a movie this weekend... too much going on, and need to save money for other important things that might come up


i am tired and sleepy and not tired and sleepy.

we watched a fan edit mash up of StarWars Ep 1-III tonight... it was ok, but now i wanna see the full movies (even though i know theyre poop, i like the music so it gets me through)

i think i might be getting a headache ... i had a really really bad low blood sugar attack earlier and almost passed out at the damn bookstore thank god for tables and chairs and the relief of resting said head on table while body is giving out and covered in sweat and yeah

what bothers me if my blood sugar crashes randomly even when i do eat regularly. so im furstrated

i have shit to do now so i will go fold clothes
and put up dishes

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