Sunday, July 12, 2015

I think I might be a little bit manic

It's midnight and I'm doing house work. Oopsie. At least I'm not wallowing in bed depressed lol k thanks. Gotta get on top of thingsssssss.

First up: set up a folder/note book for planning the Fayette arts and crafts festival that is coming up in September. Need to detail the layouts of the tent/booth and also the game plan for selling. I need to customize my products to fit the needs and wants of this particular community. With means lots of Christian and religious inspirational stuff. Also redneck cowboy southern pride stuff.

Note to readers: just because I am making things this nature does not mean I identify with it. Some of it yes I do but a lot of it..nope.

Moving on.. Well shit I gotta stop blogging and get to work


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