Friday, July 10, 2015

another week down i guess

GOOD NEWS::::::: Sherri went into labor yesterday and delivered Sean Claude Miller II at 9:32 pm
she posted that she was going to be having her baby today on facebook RIGHT AS I WALKED INTO THE BABY SECTION OF THE STORE I WAS IN. gaaah. #synchronicity seriously... i stepped into the aisle, felt my phone vibrate and bam.

i got worried about her and i messaged her for the first time in a while... she had posted anything all day after that and i was getting worried... and she actually took the time to message me back-- or have someone who was there with her take her phone and do it. the fact that she responded to me-- during labor? that means so much. i think i might still be able to save this friendship. she needs so much support since her husband has died... such a horrible accident... i cant even... i cant think about it or i will start freaking out because he died in a car wreck and everybody drives and everybody could die at anymoment and holy shit i hate this omg


the baby is healthy and and she ok, as far as i know

i have noticed that there are TWO cars with Zelda window clings on their back windshields in the apartments near here. i am like... excited??? this neighborhood is crazy sucky and having anybody with ANYTHING IN COMMON WOULD BE A BLESSING. i just wonder who they are... its a VW beetle and a truck.. both of them have stuff on them. they must be a couple. i wonder what would happen if i left a note on their care just saying hi that we exist over here in the other apartments and they are not alone. lol



stan told me i'm not allowed to go anywhere today so ffffffffffffffff

i've already went walking outside twice... and im gonna go again later. i cant lay here in bed i dont care how weak i am or how hot it is... i will atleast exercise or something while im sitting here this sucks. i dont want to be a fattie
and i have to eat more protein now because i havent been eating meat and my body is all "wtf ok imma use this muscle" and that is the wrong thing, that is why i was so sick years ago...

anyways im going to take a bath and do shit and i just wanted to make sure i updated about Sherri Lynn and her little boy. theres been other things with her too.. her first chld, Maddie, has recently said that she sees her dad... and this is amazing. i know children have this gift and i just hope she can keep it so sherri can have Sean in her life while raising the little ones.

tomorrow night we are going to a movie in the early afternoon when its cheaper and i dont ... i mean, i want to see the minions movie but i am going to probably be extremely annoyed by it at some point i just feel it but  WANT TO GOOOO

other movies coming out that we are going to see??? that Sherlock Holmes movie yesyesyesyesyes my favorite villian actor guy is in it and yesyes

i've been playing with my diy planner lately-- falling back in love with it... i ALMOST gave in and got a normal planner but but but... i put so much time into this one... damn it and its so elaborate and crazy and awesome and  yeah im gonna go now bye

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