Saturday, July 25, 2015

a slow weekend again but... gonna try to make it fun (lots of rambling about wishcraft in this post)

today we are going to thaw out and fry the fish that my parents caught and froze and gave to us months ago lololol
they are taking up too much space in the freezer!!!
plus its an excuse to ask Mac to come over

so on top of that im going to bake some brownies in a few minutes

gotta get all my morning journaling and logging down first and make sure i get enough food in my system that i dont get weak while cooking... the oven makes the kitchen unbearably hot and that just makes it even worse

i got a thing of bread to make for Lammas.. i think i will add some herbs to it.... just a tiny bit. i want to try and braid the dough because that is magical... braiding in and of itself of a magical thing.

i'm learning a lot of FOLKLORE magic and old handed down magic things from this book I just finished called "Earth Power" by Cunningham ... its just all old passed down things from various cultures. all related to the earth and natural magic... which is by far the strongest magic... because it is everywhere... nature is everywhere and it is powerful.

I have had a request for a spell to help someone with their mojo in the love department... however, unless this person is willing to take the items and do the spell themselves, it will be unlikely to work, i believe. when you are drawing potential relations and love into your life you need to do the work-- you have to invest the energy.. i can sit here all day and focus on him finding someone but if he doesnt do things to help, nothing works. magic works along with our efforts to make things come into being... it just increases the chances tremendously when you have perfect trust and faith that it will work. thats why its so hard to people to get spells to work.. they have a doubt in the core of their being about it. any doubt negates  your efforts.

tl;dr spells are what you think about you bring about law of attraction the secret just made more tangible with spell ingredients and items and that help focus and draw in energy

now that i'm done lecturing

the spell for this friend ... they need to work it on a tuesday for Mars (because Ares gets shit done).. but use the actual end product (charm thing) on a friday for Venus (because Aphrodite is loveeee).

im still leaning towards a tiny potion vial with rose quartz and herbs that he keeps on his person the night he goes out. i would make an oil that he could wear on his skin to have scent help but i have no experience is making that kind of thing for a MAN to wear-- ... i have made it for women to wear to attract men and it worked wonderfully.
its like how perfume works... actually-- its HOW perfume came into existence.... to draw in others because of scent. its a magic in and of its own.. and people wear it EVERYDAY without realizing they are doing something with magical intent.

silly muggles
lololol should i call them muggles?
i will look online to see what other people like me are calling the .. "normal" people lol

ok im gonna go bake nowwww

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