Wednesday, June 10, 2015

pics from My first concert-- and some other stuff

here are some photos from the concert sunday.... my first concert.. Steve Miller Band. SO AWESOME OMG OMG OMG

i danced by myself i didnt give a fuck

i havent updated much but this concert was the biggestt hing in a while... then i go depressed for a day or so because... god damn.. how does life TOP A CONCERT LIKE THAT

everything else is a let down after that hahahaha

but i think im ok now

have some plans for this weekend
maybe grilling out at my parents and staying over there a night.
also probably going to see Jurassic World on sunday... if we get back into town in time

i have a new penpal on IG and she is going to write me back soon.. i sent her a friggin book as a first letter lol

i write a note to my nana in a pretty card and send it to her, and i mail Jennifer her beach shell peace sign anklet.

i think i will make the earrings my moms customers wants tonight because i need to do something productive

i've started the june listers gotta list and i keep forgetting that Cori has a youtube where she walks people through her planners and omg why do i forget that when im bored it would be so much better than sleeping 

uh anyways

here are photos

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