Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Photo dump post. KY trip pics included

herc with bedhead in the car on the day we left
the day we left was also 50 cent corndog day at sonic drive in so he got those ... and got me the biggest order of mozerella cheese sticks they had lololol
herc got thirsty... thats his summer harness --its a lot cooler than the vest. thats my ugly foot with my monkey toes (apparently i have long monkey toes?? i didnt even know) we have a rug on the floorboard of the car for situations like this when he needs water.... or heaven forbid absolutely has to pee or poop or gets sick... but he never does because he is a the little travel dog ever <3 p="">
it was stormy the ENTIRE RIDE UP. the storm system reached from the greatlakes down to the gulf... massive train of storms in a line just sweeping through... we kept getting caught in in it and then getting caught in what built up AFTER it came through... the atmosphere was very volatile 
some of you may know, i have been participating in this "listers gotta list" challenge thats going on in the planner nerdy ocd girl community right now... i finished may and started june already... its like having a writing class online with writing prompts... except we do lists and make plain pieces of paper pretty. i dont go all out like the other girls, i havent built up  a stock of stationery and whatnots yet so i am conserving my stickers and stickynotes and pens and such... i just like doing to the lists and seeing everybody elses. i think i will keep doing this until no one does it anymore... but theres a LOOOOOOT of people doing it so i might fill up a few composition notebooks of lists... haha
anyways this was my "dream life list" but i have realized lately i am ALREADY LIVING MY DREAM. booyah
this is cave run lake? i think? in KY.. man made lake (I think) i have trouble remembering details of things... yay bipolar. anyways... i cimbed on the rocks and brought some home with me... we could  have went swimming if we wanted to but i have a weird germ thing and yeah

the bottom of this image is a white towel that reflected too much light in this exposure but... this bag THIS BAG.... its PERFECT... its the perfect purse for me when im travelling and want to take my notesbooks and planner with me... omg.. so perfect... and it was $3 at the GOODWILL in KY somehwere i think it might have been morehead i dunno. the purse is in MINT condition and very sturdy and i just thank the gods that i i found it because i was about back to carrying a small purse and a tote bag of books and i dont wanna do that again its...so much extra....
Stan's mom gave me this little canvas backpack with owls on it... i had been talking about wanting one but they were all multicolored and kid looking i wanted a more adult look owl and then she had this and she gave it to me without me even suggesting or asking she is the sweetest most caring person i have ever met... i love my future mother in law!!!!
heres another day from the #listersgottslist challenge... i dont really have celebtrity crushes... and pete  is the closest thing i have i guess
this iist was do-able for meeee... fave authors
this is the fruit sherbert and rice pudding i got for dessert at the asian food buffet (not just chinese... all asian stuff)
and this is a photo of my DOLLARTREE HAUL i spent so much money at dollar tree and i dont even need... i dont know.. i hadnt let myself spend any money in so long it felt really weird and i felt guilty the minute i had paid like i had done a bad thing
we threw everything in the car and came home saturday afternoon

the end

this is fun i will do this more wooooo

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