Friday, June 12, 2015

I'm away my parents house yay

So....another weekend of grilling away my parents house. Yay. the original plan was for me to come up tonight and bring Lilly with me... but I couldn't get her pretty little ass in the pet carrier. Lmao.
tonight stan going to the pub to play trivia with his friends and then going over to MAC's house and play Mario Kart... drunk Mario Kart that is.
I figure stan would be able to focus on having more fun if he didn't think I was at home alone being sad... Plus it'd be nice to have some time with my parents alone.

So I'm up here and we are having dinner and relaxing. Dad showed me Stan's finished birthday present... He built Stan a rocking chair. And its awesome.

Tomorrow Stan is coming up and we are grilling out again.  Stan has a new recipe for some delicious meats... And I bought 10 ears of corn to roast on the grill tomorrow because roasted corn is quite possibly the most delicious thing I have ever eaten in my entire life. So juicy and sweet and... Just... Amazing. You don't even need butter or anything. Its perfect.

Tomorrow Stan is bringing hercules up here so he can have some fun riding in the car and roaming around out side... He loves all the smells out here. Hopefully he will be able to hey miss Lilly in the pet carrier so she can come up here because I don't wanna go two nights away from my baby girl.

I Got done new ideas for products to develop and sell at thenext festival. And its not jewelry. So that is good. I want to branch out a bit and I have a few ideas. Need to draft out some stuff to get something solid on paper planned before I just jump into making stuff and waste supplies on prototypes that are un usable.

Anyways need to go eat now and do some journaling.

Sadly I left my #listersgottalist book at home so Booooo... Can't do that... Or I could and just Tape the pages into the book when I get home. Hmmm....

Anyways gotta get going

Yay for updating on the go with my phone and blogger app

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