Friday, May 22, 2015

Pre game of Memorial day weekend at my parents

It's Friday night and I have packed up my stuff and drive out here ...and now I'm at my parents house... Miss Lilly is with me and she will be staying here after we leave Sunday because mom and Dad are pet sitting for us while we go to Kentucky.

I am so excited about going to Kentucky. Every one is wonderful and I adore Stan's mom... She is so... Just.. I love her. And anyways...

Kentucky is really pretty.. The hills and the trees.. And there is so much culture there.... It's.. I can't explain it. Maybe I can visit up there on my own sometime and just spend time with Stan's mom. Drive myself up there and stuff. I love driving. Road trips Woohoo.

Anyways uh

Stan is off work now and is packing up and bringing hercules here cause he loves to ride in the car.. He is a road trip dog.

so I am waiting for him to get here and we are watching Alabama softball super regional tournament... Makes me miss playing ball.

I have to post my #listersgottalist post on IG soon

I some how slimmed down my planner for travel.. Idek I feel like I'm missing so much because I left half my planner at home in the three inch three ring binder.. (it's so big... I have a smaller planner that I am taking on the road)

I line documenting my adventures and I think I am going to start using my blog more. I post on IG a lot but I could do a photo dump entry here every now and then to have things... Here. I paid for this domain damn it.. I'm gonna keep it.

Anyways I'm tried of now got stuff to do.

I'm gonna attach some photos okay thanks

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