Saturday, May 23, 2015

Official memorial day cookout post-will update all day as we go

Okay so... We are up and going. Stan is having a bad leg nerve pain day... =( so that is a big bummer. I wanna make him feel better and I can't and yeah...

Stan and Dad are at gone working on the ribs and mom and I are running to town for last minute foods and stuff.

I'm wearing my storm trooper on a pool float tank top lol and a red white blue scarf.

Gonna get some surprise sweets for the boys I think.... Maybe chips too who knows. I got my food stamps today so Woohoo

About to get to Walmart now. It's 9:30am
Bye for now

It is now 6pm and the feast is over. Or the main event of the feast any way....
Grilled corn
Baked beans
Any kind of dessert ever

Except for ice cream.. Which we will be making from scratch with ice cream maker machine in a few hours

Stan and Dad both did ribs and they were sooo good. I don't usually eat ribs with my hands and get my hands dirty but I did this time... Over looked my weird OCD ednos issues and went for it.

We are all resting and laying down right now or were here for a little bit.

I'm getting more ideas for my planner (yay  #plannergirls) and next art journal. gonna get a big art journal next time full 8x11 or what ever the full big ones are. Going to scrap and smashbook and paper craft collage the hell out of it. I wanna make it a work of art.

I have creativity coming out my ears lately and blogging and tweeting and fb and posting photos and shit is the easiest way to record/get out stuff out to remember later when I Am thinking so fast

So sorry for all the blog updates lol
What am I taking about nobody is reading this except for the weirdo creepers from yester years.
And yes I see you. Hello assholes welcome to my life its pretty awesome now
And I'm pretty much living the dream life I wanted thanks to this amazing man I am engaged you baby you are my rock.

I'm so full of delicious food and half asleep and rambling about nonsensical things... Bye Again
Its 6:30 peace out

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