Friday, May 29, 2015

Last night in KY

I meant to update more but I've been distracted by having so much fun here. stan took me to where he first started on the radio and showed me off to everybody there. And he took me to two different lakes and I climbed around on the rocks decide and got some rocks to take home. 

we cut his hair off so we can donate to charity and he looks amazingly handsome with no hair. I can't stop staring at him he looks so beautiful.
we stayed at his mom's apartment and it's really tiny and I love it because I love small spaces. his mom gave me a bunch of crafting scissors that cut and zig zags and decorative cut so that's cool. she also gave me these tiny white buttons that aRe little tiny white cats and its so cute. .... and then she gave me these bulletin board decorations that I'm going to make into bookmarks and other random things. one is striped one has owls on it so its pretty cool.

 I went to Joann's fabrics and crafts and I wanted to buy the whole store but I didn't. Got some crosses to make earrings for the next festival I'm going to be participating in.
I'm a little sad though... I thought I brought money from my business money account but I forgot so now I'm down to almost no money... So poop. But I did get a lot of random goodies at Walmart and dollar tree.
Ahhhhhhh.... Ran out of time to blog. Gotta go now. Will post again later... Soon.

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