Saturday, May 2, 2015

its saturday and i am actually slightly inebriated for the first time in over 6 months

Stan and I are at Mac's apartment and we were drinkin bourbon and watching the Kentucky Derby

to be fair i kind of like and DONT like things like the kentucky derby
but it was nice to watch the main event

there was a girl in a dress after it was over-- behind the guy they were interviewing -- the dress was amazing. i would love to find something similar to keep in my closet for special occasions
im gonna find a screen capture of her so i can show you guys
she was wearing a huge flower in her hair.. i guess fabric.. so so so pretty

uh anyways

i am embracing my housewife life style
i dont work
i have time to take time for myself
i can do my nails and have weird hobbies like scrapbooking and shit and spend lots of time doing things that other people dont have time to do

long story short #soblessed

 i have going the instagram #listersgottalisa may challenge... hosted by @theresetgirl
everybody is making their list and decorating them and and posting them and and i also have starting posting and interacting with the planner/organizer community #plannercommunity... we are all obsessed with list making and planners and calendars and stickers and pens and stationary and.... yeah
its pretty much me
its totally me
atleast i have a way to channel some of my energy and anxiety into something and yeah

i kind of a planner and a SMASHBOOK which is like a scrapbook and a journal and listing and everything at same time.

and we watching (are watching) Anchorman: the legend of ron burgandy (the first movie) the boys are quoting every. single. line.
which is their thing since they work for Alabama Public Radio

i am having a hard time typing

i hope this one time drinking does mess up my meds that much =X
i mean, i dont plan on doing it again for .... months... half a year... maybe a year. i dont really want to unless i'm with people who are and whatever

to be fair the bourbon was delicious.... very expensive stuff. and i was a horrible person and just chugged my a glass so.. i did the bad thing and didnt savor it like i was supposed to
but it did taste good
better than most things i have ever drank

anyways now i am going to dollar tree and getting stuff

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