Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Humpday post

So it's Wednesday.... A lot of stuff is about to happen in a very small amount of time.
Friday I am driving my car and taking Lilly to my parents house in the afternoon.. Stan will drive up there with hercules after he gets of work.
We will be staying at my parents house for the weekend... There's a grill out cook out thing on Saturday... So we are there for that. But I'm driving my car up there separately from riding with Stan so Dad can look at it and try to figure put why the battery keeps dying. At this point it has be the alternator... There isn't much else it could be.
So we are leaving my car there with my parents. We are also leaving miss Lilly with my parents. For the coming week.. Because we are going to Kentucky and we can't leave her alone did that long... She seems lonely here sometimes so I think she will enjoy being around other animals though I'm pretty sure she'd prefer me being there with her too but... I can't do that this time.

Anyways we are coming home Sunday... Packing Monday and leaving Tuesday... Wednesday of next week it's STAN's birthday. So the entire next week is a vacation and celebration thing.

I want to blog some more here soon cause I've been neglecting it... Spending a lot of time planning and organizing and also reading and collecting quotes. And doing the #listersgottalist may challenge.... It's so much fun to see what every body posts. I will probably do more things like this in the future.

In other random news I have hurt my leg somehow..pulled muscle of pinched nerve or something.maybe both. I don't even know. Or hurts when I'm not moving it and when I'm moving it. So I have another excuse to go to bed at 7pm .....

Yeah I'm an old person now.. I sleep all the time.
But I'm not super bat shit anymore so you win some you lose some.

Good night internet

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