Monday, April 13, 2015

The festival finally happened and now I can relax

Only not really because now I have to Clean up all this mess. From the jewelry making stuff every where. And then on top of that I have to put up listings for my products that didn't sell (or some of then)

But anyways.. Saturday was the festival. I got like... 4 hours of sleep the night before. Woke up 30 mins before my alarm... Ugh. I took to long getting ready. And then we ended up there 10 minutes early for unloading... We met my parents on campus and they followed us there.
It was so very obvious that this was my first festival. I was the only person not prepared for the wind... Which was a huge set back.
On to of this I..or we.... Mostly probably I.. Forgot half my jewelry at home so Stan had to leave the place and go get it. Which made me feel absolutely horrible.

I met a lot of like minded people. And talked to a lot of people. I didn't have a panic attack. I got close a few times.. But since we were out side and It was well ventilated and I could walk off and be alone every his or two.... That really helped. If I had to stay there the whole time I would've gone insane.

I did ok profit wise (or that's what they're telling me)

After the festival me and Stan and My parents ate dinner together. And then Stan and I came home and crashed for a long time. I sleep ask day Sunday. No joke. All fucking day. And night. Both nights...  Saturday and Sunday nights.
I woke up today (Monday) and felt like I might be back in the land of normal...
I'm not hurting like I was yesterday... Which is why I slept all day.
But yeah...
I had therapy today and we talked About lots of things that made me cry so I the rest of today has been weird for me.

I am worried about Stan ... He has so much going on and isn't getting any chance to rest at all.
I am sad for him and I can't make him feel better and it hurts. I am a people pleaser.. I need to make him better and I can't.. Ugh
Okay maybe I can go to bed now

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