Monday, April 27, 2015

so its monday

i am trying to organize my self.. my whole life and so i pre plan everything --- i even pre planned this post in my organizer--- which i will update about seperately very soon !!!!! (i am so obsessed with planners and calendars and organizing and omgggg ayyayayyayayay)

shortly after the festival the furrbabies had a random infestation of fleas out of nowhere. it was so weird and nasty. they havent had fleas for over a year of us being here and all of a sudden its like... omg...

so we had to wash everything and give the babies baths and medicine and such..
hopefully this will be the only time this happens for a while.
i was so sad because Miss Lilly was miserable--- she wasnt acting like herself at all and it was so weird..
we got her this medicine called "comfortis" from the vet and it seems to have work wonderfully
the puppy, Herc, had an allergic reaction to the flea treatment that goes on the skin.. and then the fleas that were jumping ship and leaving Miss Lilly because they figured out her blood would kill them (cause of the medicine).. well, Herc ended up covered in the fleas and we took him to the vet it was so bad.. apparently he is also allergic to the actual fleas and the flea bites. he had a rash all over his skin and we have been giving him Benadryl every day and its helping a lot. for those of you who didnt know-- Herc has been having allergy itchy problems constantly so the benadryl is probably needed.

anyways--- we visited my parents on saturday so we could go to the wedding on sunday.
saturday at my parents was good ... dad put TWO small hens in the smoker and green beans and mashed potatoes. we watch the move "sex tape" and it was HILARIOUSSSSSSSS

i'm doing a custom order for someone my mom sells avon to.. its a really simple order except for i might have to switch out the clip on earring findings to a small one cause its looks gaudy

SOOOO i went to my first wedding EVER
it was Bama and Douglas's RE-marriage wedding lol
they never had a wedding when they got married at like.. 18... just at the court house and that was that

and they got divorced around their 10 year anniversary and were seperated for about a year.. then realized they should've never gotten divorced and so this time they had a real wedding for the remarriage.
it was beautiful and lovely and Bama looked amazing in her dress...

so people are telling me that Stan and I should have a wedding too...
we arent sure if we want to... the two reception/shower parties in each state seems pretty good idea



  • organize my beads and sort them, make the office nice and clean-- i already cleared off the diningroom table
  • vacuum the entire apartment with our new AWESOME vacuum cleaner
  • therapy on thursday!!! and that night stan and his friend from work, Mac, are going to a concert at the amphitheater ... they're seen Boston and Kansas
  • getting my meds refilled on friday
  • stan is having bro time with Mac all weekend pretty much   

another thing thats just come up is my car battery is still not holding charge and i had to get it jumped off today to go to they store
so now we know its gotta be something more.. the alternator most likely

i just had an emotional break down so im going to bed goodnight internet

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