Wednesday, April 22, 2015

havent blogged in foreverrrrr

everything has been going rather good save for some scares with the animals that required medicine and vet visits

i have a new obsession---- i'm building my own planner/organizer from scratch by hand... using rulers and markers and pens and washi tape and stickers and scrapbook paper and yeah

this is my new favorite thing
plus i can change it up anytime i want i dont have to stick with a planner that i hate like i do when i buy one from the store and then i end up extremely frustrated and disappointed.

i am creating my own things because i find everyone elses subpar to my neeeeeeeeds


i started sorting and labeling beads yesterday and the tape stan got me is ridiculously hard to tear and cut but its sturdy and will hold forever so thats what matters... wrapping the tape around the medicine bottles and labeling the contents so i can know whats in them without spilling them out to look at it.

i am losing weight and i am very happy with this

douglas and bama are getting (re) married this sunday and we are going and going to go to my parents house saturday and sleep over to be closer and not have to drive so far on the day of... plus i miss my parents and want to go home damn it

I havent been to a wedding
in all my life
all this time
NEVER been to a wedding
this will help me decide if i really want to have one or not
i'm thinking not

too much trouble
so much money

i want receptions for family to gather and talk to us though
so i still can decorate and plan that kind of stuff (which is the fun part anyway, am i rite)

um anyways

its 7am or shortly after on tuesday

i gotta make stans lunch box and such
i might write more now that i've gotten into the groove of writing here it just takes me some time to get it together in my head and want to type so much haha

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