Thursday, April 2, 2015

April 2 .... It's been one year

Since Stan and I had our first date... It's been one whole year.
It has been, without a doubt, the best year of my life.
I have done a lot of growing up this year....and it's stuff that most people accomplished a long time ago but I had two things holding me back... Two different mental illness issues...or three really if you count addiction.
I'm fighting this shit every single day.
I take medication four times a day. Four fucking times. I have reminders and alarms and shit to make sure it happens.
But with the help of Stan... I have made huge progress. I don't drink anymore. And I don't miss it most days. Most. Not all but most.
And I have been on meds for a whole two years now. Non stop.
I have gained a lot of weight but my medicine does this to me and I have no where to go walking or jog safely (in this neighborhood id probably get shot stabbed or kidnapped because I'm a white girl and I'm the minority here.).. I like going on long walls in the woods and shit... This city living is taking it's toll in more ways than one
I had better plans for this entry but I Am getting sleepy

It's been a long day.
Stan's dog had a seizure this morning and that kind of threw the whole day off.but I love hercules too so I didn't even care. Just wanted him to be okay...and he seems to be now.

So much is happening .. I'm lucky if anything goes right.
The festival is in....8 days at midnight.
Fml fml fml

So not ready

But anyways
Happy anniversary Stan! It's been the best year ever! And I am so excited to start year number 2 ....I love you. please don't get tired of me any time soon. Lol

No seriously, please.


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