Monday, March 16, 2015

yay monday is yay lunch date with highschool teacher i loved is yayay

i am up a the buttcrack of dawn-- even earlier than usual. so excited about having lunch with my teacher from highschool

i am meeting her at 11am so i wanna be ready at 10 so i need to start getting ready a little after 8
ahh why am i so complicated and take forever sooooo annoying oh well well here we gooo

ok im back from my lunch date and it was AWESOME

i think my teacher an CLEARLY see the bipolar disorder and how its changed me from highschool tabitha but.... in some ways it a good thing. i am less shy and i do more stuff that i would never have done before-- i talk more. i laugh a lot louder. i smile more. i dont know where i was going with this. i think she was in shock and awe at me and all the things i have done since highschool-- the marriage and divorce and college band and moving and moving and flying on aitplanes and finally getting some solid footing and here we are now.

she wants to meet Stan so that is very awesome i know they will get along wonderfully

i am trying to cool off from all the heat and anxiety. i dont know how i am going to handle this summer i will have to braid my hair and wear it up i have an idea i want to try to see if i can get used to it and see if its cooler than having my hair down... but i still want it to show off my hair

anyways i am rambling i need to put the clothes up but they were too hot from being redried to get the wrinkles out but i think i can do them now

anywhere here are random photos idek

ok somewhere after this i realized i need tampons (i tried getting them at walmart but they dont have the ones i was getting anymore) so i went to dollar tree and i got distracted for like.... two hours

while i was in there i haphazardly ran into a woman who does crafts and we got to talking and i told her about the festival and she was all like "i keep trying to get in but they fill up space" and i was all like "i KNOW i got the very last one and it was a while back they stopped taking applicants they keep getting so many people"

also Stan works for APR so doors magically open


like magic


ps: i know you're using a proxy mother fucker because who the fuck is on windows XP
and internet explorer 8 and shit and looks at shit like this kind of stuff in tags and shit so lmao DONT EVEN  be playing like you think i dont know i  just didnt GIVE ENOUGH FUCKS to call you out until now

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