Tuesday, March 10, 2015

tuesday is good i think

I did a lot of stuff this morning i think maybe I put together Stan's lunchbox... i was sad because he didn't want breakfast
but that was ok

i cycled a bit while Stan was in the shower and i took the dog out too.
i rolled some pennies but didnt use them

then i went to walmart and got some boneless skinless chicken breast. also gala apples
i priced some anti itch spray for Miss Lilly to spray under her collar because it itches her really bad
also some "scratch not" spray because she has been acting out and scratching things a lot.
i got allergy meds for 88 cents

then i came homeeeee

and crashed for an hour or so
woke up disoriented  and it took a bit to regain my bearings
then i cycled some more for a bit-- added a towel folded over to the seat

then stan came home and we cut some of Herc's hair and stan gave him a bath
then i started dinner and we at some awesome food and now we are watching this History channel Harry Houdini thing

i wanna get

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