Thursday, March 5, 2015

this is my thursday post and also-- uh, i made a wishlistr out of boredom and such

this is more like a -- i wanna show you what i my tastes are and this gives me something to do to keep my mind occupied cause i need to focus on not bad things --- list but here is my nevermind that my birthday is a month from now ;) lmao i dont deserve anything please dont. this is like a treasury list on etsy but all over the internet???

yeah idek lolol

i could have used pinterest but this has the ability to be bought which is for Stans benefit (if its something online that we cant get here) so i dont know

i need to find things to focus on to keep my mind from reeling all over the place

okay i have taken care of many small chores-- the shower is now and i will be cleansed on the full moon )O(

i get out of the shower and there is sleet on the grass
what is this nonsense

i have worked up a bit of stuff for the full moon and  will attend to it later. right now i need to rest a bit and prepare

that was the WEIRDEST NAP EVER


um anyways its 11 pm and i have done all the stuff and i need to go to bed but i dont wannaaaaa

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