Thursday, March 12, 2015

lol ok its thursday lets get shit in gear and stuff idek

going to eat really quick and go to the walmart to get glucose tablets and pick out some stuff for my birthday and take photos and save them up for stan and then coming home and cycling on the bike an then im drinking my SMOOTH MOVE TEA because i need to get rid of nasty chinese food i am going insane i am losing mymind ok there we go i said it i am obsessing about food and shit and shit and food
there were go

ok im back from walmart and i have got the photos uploaded and i brushed the dog and i have water and those breakfast biscuits that are thin crunchy granola cookies that are awesome

ok i made jewelry this is gooood
i need to make more stuff before the festival
i am having trouble wrapping these tumbled gemstones and its makes me very sad and ruining my grooooove man, damn ittt

i cycled again
 and uh, stan came home and i cooked dinner and it was delicious
pork chops on the foreman grill and sliced new potatoes and and Margret holems field peas and snaps yum yum yum

we watched Spartacus and ate food and now i am blogging and i took my pills and i might sleep soon its almost 9pm
yep i am sleepy

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