Thursday, March 19, 2015

its only thursday... blaaaaaahh...

ibut thats good right, i need more timeeeeee for stuff before festival

but i also noticed that it ts way later in the month and that is scary because the festival is coming omg
i feel this huge intense crunch time i dont want to sleep anymore because i am WASTING TIME

this festival and the stress has the potential to drive me into mania with OUT my prozac being higher than normal

we keep getting our plans for taking out the tent and seeing if its ok squashed by weather or us being too tired and needing more people because its a 10 x 10 tent


i dont even know i need to do stuff now
 i just finished an amethyst  wrapped stone with beaded necklace that im probably going to sell for $25 i hope
stan wants me to charge more for my stuff and i tmakes me feel bad because i dont feel like its nice enough and it makes me sad
 s now i have the sads and im hungry as helll and im gonna watch an episode of greys anatomy

ot two


i talked to an old friend today from Troy and that made me very happy

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