Wednesday, March 11, 2015



but before that my mom is coming into town for errands and i get to eat out with her for lunch so i might not be eating much spaghetti tonight hahaha
but that means theres more for everybody else

the guys are gonna pick the comedian this time... i only had one i wanted to share and she was awesome and hot and awesome and now she is on our "wanna see live stand up" list of people i think

this morning i need to try and take the dog out but its raining and he doesnt like the rain, then clean the bathroom up and the livingroom a tiny bit and then get on the indoor bicycle thing and go for a bit and then get dressed for lunchhhh


soooo thus far i have cleaned up the bathroom, the dog hasnt woke up and asked to go out and im not sure if he will because its so wet outside (so i will probably be cleaning up pee and poop later... no funnn)

im about to get on the indoor cycle after i message my diabetic bffl from elementary school who is still my bffl and i love her because she would know what to do about my blood sugar crashes and i dont want to ALWAYS HAVE TO EAT THESE GLUCOSE TABLETS. i need something that is food that can do better when ... for say-- i want to exercise right now and its crashing as i type this. yeahhh

ok so i found out what to eat and i ate that and then i cycled and now i am waiting to get ready

ok later post back log update--

i went out to eat with my mom and brother and we came back here and talked and decided what to do this weekend... so they are bringing the table for the festival and we are going to have it here and look at it and we are going to open the tent and look at it

we are also all going out to the New Orleans grill that opened up recently


so anyway  wednesday night was supposed to be SPAGHETTI AND STAND UP
up Mac didnt go to the gym before work so he wanted to go after work and that means no spaghetti and stand up with us and i wasnt even gonna eat spaghetti after eating at the chinese place with my mom and brother so... instead of spaghetti night stan stopped on the way home and got chinese so we both had chinese yesterday and i went to bed at like.. 7pm because i was afraid i would eat things and i dont wan to eat things because i am FATTTTTTTTTTT


so this is me updating my WEDNESDAY ON thursday MORNING so there you go

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