Friday, March 6, 2015

fuck yeah fridayyyy

today was awesome until i started over thinking shit but its gonna be alright because

its mother fuckin friday bitches

its pizza nightttttt
we are going over to Mac's apartment and they are watching a basketball game and i will be sitting and waiting for his cat (who has been sick as of late) to hopefully introduce himself to me.. his cat is like Lilly-- you have to wait for them to come to you

stan fell asleep and that gave me time to TRY and do my nails lol but i fucked them up so i have to take off the decal stickers and go back to plain emerald green


ok we ate the pizza it was walmart's marketside deli five cheese pizza
we added italian salami slices that are like pepperoni slices.. and added cheese to it

holy pooop

and then we thought Murph (mac's cat and bff) got outside and omg panic attacks lost kitties are noooooooo nonono fun
but we found him in a hidey place inside the house

but that wasnt until we had freaked out for like 30 mins... wandering around the aparments at night looking for him
i was crying. i cant even.. i such a cry baby but.. that cat is HIS baby.. i so i know how it feels

i just couldnt even... omg

i have to get a collar on Miss Lilly and a tag.. she has been trying to get out the door so much.... i cant risk this i feel uneasy now... it has to happen asap

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