Friday, March 27, 2015

friday.. finally

its about damn time.. this week has been so long. i know i am worried and scared about the festival in April but i am also so ready to get it over with because i want to move on to the next thing i plan to do-- which is I DONT EVEN KNOW YET BECAUSE HOW THE FESTIVAL WORKS OUT IS GOING TO DETERMINE WHAT I DO with the rest of my life maybe...

ok yeah



i am going to go wash my hair and go to bed early because i am really antsy and i just need to drug myself to sleep with benadryl because the mood i am in is likely to start fights randomly
i know this mood its a bad mood.. it seems like a good one but its a trap. the irritability is extreme and i am on edge to snap

tomorrow we are getting up late and going to my parents house over night saturday night

so i can go with mom to Bama's bridal shower on sunday
i wanna go because Bama and Douglas are getting RE MARRIED and they never had anything the first time.... and i didn't have shit when i was getting married hardly (a tiny little party i guess whatever)
and so its like a whole.... its ok... she has this,  i will have something IF stan and i get married someday


i am scared to leave Miss Lilly here alone but she is a good girl and if we leave later in the day she can have a big early dinner and eat on it all night and we are coming back around 4pm on sunday so its not like we will be gone for way too long

Stans mom sent me a package for my birthday and I opened it by accident and ruined it lol
its just lots of little awesome things.. which is what i love. i love lots of tiny little things
it was like a box of happiness.

anyways now i go clean the kitchen up a bit
then shower then bed

get up tomorrow
do dishes
pack some
and what not
whatever whatever

oh yeah--- i have like... 200 pieces of jewelry for the festival
i am kind of almost done with making stuff
and now i can rest and get ready for the thing

and the aftermath of cleaning up the mess from all the supplies and beads being out everywhere for months ughhhh

and then the listing of the stuff that didnt sell on Etsy

and yeah
then i dont know


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