Saturday, February 28, 2015

today was the best dayyyyy

I got to see my mom andddddd..... go shopping for bulk bag of chicken nuggets at membership only store cause mom is a member and.... THEN i ran into my Spanish Teacher from highschool who was kind of the first person I met who seemed to understand me in some way that other people just were not getting at all-- save for Julie and Kate and the closer people i had in my class-- They are still very special to me.
Mrs. Sims ... was the teacher who get me to read "The Alchemist" and she read us Jonathan Livingston Seagull and.. yeah...


I have a lot to update about... I plan to update this blog every few days but use my other one for my daily ramblings.

so excited to have someone to talk to .. she does beading and makes stuff too! its like i have local crafting buddy!!

now that february is done... pretty much... its getting into crunch time for jewelry making and preparations for me to be in the druid city arts and crafts festival.

we have so much to do... so so much to do.. 

tomorrow is another day of running errands and getting my meds and such

i need to use tomorrow night to make a game plan for next week so i dont waste time 

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