Friday, February 13, 2015

so, it's official

I am officially participating in the Tuscaloosa Druid City Arts and Crafts Festival in April. on April 11 to be exact.
We ALMOST didnt get registered in time! they were only going to take 90 people and I was the LAST ONE. Stan called them just in time, got them the entry fee immediately. he saved my big 2015 project from almost not happening. I dont know what I would have done if he hadn't of been able to do this for me.

I am also shocked that they have had so many applicants in such a short amount of time. The deadline isnt even here yet an they are full. I am extremely nervous and I don't know what to dooooo.

We are already thinking of ways to display stuff effectively  and what to do about tables or what not. I need to look at my mom's table she got to see exactly the dimensions of it, because the festival thing is giving each person a 10x10 ft plot of land and we have to make sure its done right so people can get to the shit.

i havent done inventory again but i al pretty sure i am close to 100 pieces of jewelry right now.
and i am nowhere near done.
i am hoping to get a local tanning salon boutique place thing to buy some of my stuff in the next week or two to give me some random money to do stuff with. I hate asking Stan for money. it makes me feel like shit. makes me hate myself. it really does.

One really awesome thing thats happened lately is Stan's mom sent me a metric fuckton of pill bottles that i can use to sort and store beads. i need this badly.. things are very unorganized because i havent had enough containers .. and the ones i had i  kept taking the lids off to use them to hold beads while i was making stuff and then the lids get misplaced and yeah...
will pill bottles most of the lids are the same or close to it.


now that i know they are letting me in the festival that OVERWHELMING DREAD AND ANXIETY IS GONE
i couldnt function not knowing.. like.. the one thing im planning to do. the ONE THING. and i wasnt sure it was gonna happen until yesterday. jesus.

i want to make some more interesting things here soon
i have some inspiration up on my pinterest board... and by some i mean a fuckton. pinterest and etsy are THE BEST INSPIRATION...

anyways, i wan to say how thankful and grateful I am to Stan for being my manager of sorts in this thing.. god knows I cant make all these phone calls and talk to people... thats the reason i've never done anything before... i do not do people.. and ESPECIALLY phone calls. i hate hate hate calling people i dont know. it drives me INSANE. i cant DO IT. its like how i cant talk to the drive thru order machine at fast food places either. its just. it just FEELS ALL KINDS OF WRONG. i need that exchange of energies in person to know what people are really thinking and feeling. i havee to see them. its weird. maybe im just a little crazy i dont know.. but it seems like an #empathissue lol

brought back a lot of wonderful things from KY for me and it made me very happy I have a shamrock scarf to start wearing after valentines day =P

i *HAVE* been wearing my hair down lately and its helping my self esteem a LOT.. i need that right now.. for a bit.. i just .. i feel so fat and gross. but i am happy and he loves me and thinks im sexy and i dont know.... i wish i could stop hating myself for once in my life. just once. but i dont think that is going to happen anytime soon.

i need to take photos of my inventory or something and post a bunch the photos online so people can see what i am making... might wait until march when its close to the festival though to post them.... but i can take pictures anytime.. i have so many to take after all

ok i just looked at myself and decided im a fat ass
i guess this entry is over now lmao

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