Monday, January 19, 2015

taking a break from the jewelry making work grind

seriously..  i am having to force myself to stop making stuff. i am on a rolllllll

i have to get enough inventory for possibly TWO festivals....
and also a new business deal that might happen. when i say might i mean, probably almost definitely.
it would involve me making earrings and probably bracelets, maybe necklaces.. with the crescent moon charm that has a face on it.... thats the "druid city brewery" logo i think.. or whatever.. and Stan is like... super close with the owner.. and.. we just have to wait and see, he has my business card, he already has contact info with Stan and i am just going to let him do his thing... i am kind of awkward. And by kind of i mean ridiculously awkward.

ANYWAYYYYS for spring.....

i have mint, salmon, and that pastel orange custard colored beads in MASS... cleverness has its benefits... buying necklaces that are already made and taking them apart and making new ones? saves a fucking ton of money.. especially when craft store are going to mark up prices because theyre "supplies" and its a "hobby" store
fuck you
jewelry design hack in the house
they are making the huge making braided long necklaces in these colors... and other... that i might end up getting.. and i can take them apart and making rosary style chain link necklace, bracelets... anything really. possibilities are endless.

as for charms i have infinity knots, bows, crosses, pixies sitting on a crescent moon, guardian angel, tree of life, the Celtic trinity knot "Triquetra" also pentacle, and a big leather bound book for book work charms, also crescent moon with tiny star engraved into it, and crescent moon with a face and flares coming off it (this is what we are probably going to use for the druid city thing)

and now cool is it that Tuscaloosa is known as DRUID CITY



i love it



i have so much to dooooooo

i dont even want to take time to blog but i gotta do it i paid for this thing another year and damn it im gonna use it

my brain is going wonky i dont wanna sleep and i dont even.. ahhh so much going onnn

i miss my parents really really really really really bad and i cant ... i dont know...

my car needs oil change and air in the tires and the battery isnt exactly doing that great it dies every two weeks or so..

anyways back to workkkk

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