Sunday, January 11, 2015

sunday sunday sundaeeee

so yesterday was pretty awesome-- we went to the thrift store and i got three ceramic cat figurines to add to my collection

we also got some nice stone coasters for the livingroom and my bedside table because i HATE when my ice water glasses sweat onto tables and then i set a phone or paper into it and ahhhhhhh its not so much about protecting the table as the things on it, honestly.

there were some skirts i wanted at the thrift store but i didnt let him get me any. i really want this one throw blanket at walmart... we are going to go get the darling thing as soon as we can.. things keep getting in the way.
its so SOFTTT and omg
i think its bigger so i could maybe use just IT and not two small fleece throws to sleep
let me scrounge up a picture of this darling thing
there are a few patterns in this that are acceptable but ive seen this one in person and it is very lovely and makes me feel happy. i like dark red burgundy colors... and browns and teal and emerald colors.. all the dark jem tones that have been popular this fall... 

i have looked at the suggest fashion colors for spring and i am sad they didnt choose a happier vibrant colors
everything is very ashy and faded... soft.
i guess i will be adjusting my jewelry to this.. or maybe do half and half until i see what people really buy... there is a chance that local people wont want the big fashion colors because of this or what reason. people are weird.
anyways, i like doing custom work more than anything but nobody will hit me up for it.. i would just need a down payment of half if it was something id have to go get a lot of supplies for.
and thats to make sure you are serious and arent just asking me to make something and then being like "LOL JK"

I woke up at just after 6am this morning and i CANNOT SLEEP
i was groggy but my dreams were so weird that i was all like "fuck this shit im gonna go eat some oatmeal"
which i did. after washing the dishes and FINALLY wiping down the kitchen from last time i cooked (was lazy for a day sue me)
i love oatmeal. with honey and cinnamon 

my parents and Stan and I ate dinner at OutBack SteakHouse last night and it was so awesome. and since i am taking my GERD medication i can actually enjoy eating meals now without being in pain the entire time!!!!!
so i ate my whole meal (it was smaller than other places serving of pasta so that was a relief cause im not sure i could eat more than that) however... just two hours later i was fucking RAVENOUS again. like.. so hungry. jesus christ.
like i dont even know how it happens... it was so weird. 

my dad and mom were all weird and having an off day... lol. not weird but... dad was being the indecisive one about EVERYTHING.. what to eat where to go etc etc.. and mom was all like GOOD LORD 
it was hilarious actually cause dad took longer than anybody else to pick out what he wanted to eat... and its usually me who needs an extra 10 mins or so to read the entire menu but nope not this time

and you know Dads cowboy hat and Stan's walking can got to have a seat of their on at the table hahahaha

my brother ate with us too... i keep forgetting that he is a little man now.
he is so much happier that im gone from the house, and i am okay with that. i am happier that i am away too. we love each other, like family, obviously, but our temperments do not mesh well together in the same house for extended periods of time. we combust and explode. often. two very strong fire signs...aries and leo. what you are gonna do, ya know?
i want him so badly to get his job at walmart and they keep giving him the run around and its breaking my moms heart and mine and his.. he is such a good kid. doesnt drink or do any drugs of ANY KIND. NEVER HAS. EVER. he is such a good kid, really. other than his temper. but that isnt even constant. it is calmed when he is at peace in other aspects of his life.  just like i am. if thers an outlet for the anger and frustration then its not sitting there on your shoulder whispering bad things into your ear that you could do to REALLY SHOW PEOPLE YOU MEAN SRS BSNS ALL THE TIME ERRYDAY

anger issues are kind of... commmon in the reynolds family.. especially the males.. but like i said, i was born under a very masculine fire sign and my fiery disposition is the reason why i dont have many female friends.. the curse of being a Lady Aries. we are kind of alone... save for our male friends... which makes everyone think we are whores. but no. we just get along better with guys. i dont know how or why. we just do.


i guess today is laundry and catch up on shit day

we are sad because the Chrome extension we were using to Proxy into Netflix as if we were living in other countries.. well.. a whole bunch of aussies got caught with it and now they are shutting down accounts that are using it to access netflix of other countries.. so we cant watch so much awesome stuff.. it makes me saddddd
I want to watch Community damn it.. its the best

i guess i will go outside and smoke and stare at the sky and come back inside and stare at pinterest
i could make jewelry but i dont feel like working my the stiffness out of my hands right now

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