Friday, January 9, 2015

another week down.

I am just like... sitting here counting days until we go to KY.  I need to make tons of jewelry i need to get my game on and i feel like i am getting to that point where i can do this. my creativity is good right now and i have enough energy to do stuff... ive been watching house and greys anatomy on netflix and making jewelry or browsing for arts and crafts and jewelry stuff on pinterest... i am very inspired. so its a good time to make shit

my leg is on the mend but i have to be careful with it

today i am going to dollar tree early so i can get that out of my system-- i am so antsy from being cooped up in the bedroom... we only need like one thing really and its not even that important but god damn it i want to goooooo
plus i am in that NESTING MODE so i am still making this place feel like home every day organizing and cleaning and i know nesting is something that married couples do when theyre having a kid? i think? i thought thats what it was? but i cant find any other way to describe the feeling i have. i am nesting, damn it. this bird is done flying around.

Stan's radio friend from KY got the job here in alabama so he is moving here and now stan will have a friend and a buddy at work too and that is going to be a life changer for him... its gonna make everything so much more smooth and easy... i can already see his aura changing. he is glowing with joy and abundance and good vibes. its going to be his year. this is going to be our year. this is going to be a good year.

i have a good feeling about doing the arts and crafts festivals in KY... my stuff sells in person so much better than online... like ridiculously better.
so i am going to get on that.. i mean i've been making quite a few random things, that are pretty cool... i should take pictures soon i guess, maybe i will, add them to this entry

i cant believe i have something to blog about it seems like forever since i had anything forth saying here but life is good and i have plans and shit is going down and i am riding a good energy wave. got some synchronicity going here and there, which is my sign that i am in the right direction.

i am really worried about my brother... i want him to get this job so badly and he keeps getting told he will get it and then they never come through... then he goes on temp for them again and works there more... and they tell him the same thing.. its ridiculous... though we did find out from other people who work for this company that this particular store in the franchise is fucking horrible management and hiring is even worse ... but its the closest place for him to work at what he has experience in doing now, and he is really good at it. all the people there love him. just the higher ups cant get their mother fuckin shit together


i need to start my daily jounral
and then get dressed so i can get this little errand run out of the way

then i come home and make stuff--- set out pork chops for dinner . yum yum
having pork chops, sweet peas, mashed potatoes, and bread. we wouldnt do bread on top of potatoes but the bread is gonna go bad and i get pissed when we have to throw stuff out cause thats my food money down the shitter you know


life is good

i hope everyone is going well.
i know who does and doesnt read this blog, so that means you. =P

blessed be!!!!
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