Monday, December 22, 2014

well, this past weekend was pretty intense

on saturday stan and i went to the Reynolds Clan Christmas gathering in fayette--
Stan is pretty much convinced we are descendant from Travellers and im pretty sure he is right

i mean i dont know how else to explain my family


anyways, it was ok.. my  blood sugar crashed right before the people got there and again right before we ate.
My dad/mom/brother set up Skype so we all could talk to my cousin Daniel who is in Japan (he's in the Navy) ... so that was good for us.

I got the electric plug in wax tart warmer that i took to the gathering for Dirty Santa and i am so glad. its a great make shift nightlight too!

we left earlier than i wanted but we had a little over an hour to drive and i knew that the next day (yesterday) would be bad for me--- that i needed to rest.

aaaand so yesterday, sunday--- I met Stan's DAD and step mom.
it was a lot better than i thought it would be.. they drove down here so i met them on my own turf--- made a world of difference.

they took us out to eat twice and we did some random wandering around town
his dad got us stuff from Tiffany&Co. for christmas
i have never had anything like this before so i am overwhelmed

and then his step mom bought a bunch of my jewelry off me so i have money now
which is kind of insane

after they went back to their hotel last night i went to the store and bought myself clothes that i had been wanted for ages

i feel bad for doing it
like i dont deserve it


i started to noticed that my throat was hurting and  i soon felt like i was feverish and i slept all night until this evening around 5pm

i think my fever broke in my sleep but my throat still hurts really bad

tomorrow i have to go shopping for food and stuff for christmas. last chance to do it

and christmas eve i am baking like a man woman

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