Saturday, December 13, 2014

the last weekend of calm and rest

this is the last weekend we will be resting and spending time together at the house

next weekend is busy, and so is the next and lots of shit going on so..

so because of stan's and my dad's work schedule--- the christmas thing with my parents and grandparents on moms side is going to be after christmas on that weekend...

so this means stan and i will have our first christmas here together just the two of us
which is kind of what i wanted
i mean isnt this supposed to be a special thing for us?

since i get my food stamps refillled on the 23rd
we can cook/bake whatever we want on christmas eve/day

stan wants me to make a peach pie (without cinnamon because he is severely allergic to cinnamon) so ive got to look for a recipe.... or i might call his mom and ask her because she has been having to making stuff with out cinnamon for a while and plus she adores me and would be giddy if i called her and asked for help

seriously-- his mom loves me.
its like im living in a dream world
so happy


he also wants brownies so i will find a good thing of that to make
and i wanna get some easy slice and bake cookies to make because if im spending so much time on hand making other stuff-- i dont have time to made my cookies like i normally would. and the slice and bake cookies with holidays stuff in the middle (the sugar cookies they sell in that long log thing) would be perfect for leaving out for "sTanta" haahahahaha you seee what i did there
and he looks like a young santa with the red hairrr hahaha

ok anyways

i wanna make meat of some kind-- he suggested frying up some more chicken drumsticks but i wan something more traditional so i might have one of those small ham things and coat it in honey and pineapple and bake it in the oven for a bit.... i love sweet ham.
i have always like eating ham leftovers cold ... mom always puts them in the fridge and i would always grab a slice when i got hungry and my blood sugar was being weird or something

also we could (if theres any left) fry the slices and ahve biscuits and ham and eggs the day after christmas

i am getting very into the home maker house wife thing and its so weird for me

who would have thought my gypsy traveller soul would be so happy being settled down like this
i even want to foster a kid later on... since we are being responsible with our genetic illnesses and not having a kid together.
i mean i really dont want to bring a baby into this world knowing it has  high risk of schizophrenia and bipolar and also his genetic stuff to boot.

so anyway i need to play with Miss Lilly and get ready to go shopping because we have Dirty Santa gifts to get today !!! =)
last chance to go shopping for them before the reynolds christmas this saturdayyyy

and on sunday we are meeting his Dad and step mom, Sandy, here in town because they are coming down here to see ussss. i have never met his dad so this is kind of scaryyyyyy omggggg
but even if his dad doesnt like me i know his mom loves me and that is enough to make me feel good about this =)


i love everyone and wish everyone the best holidays season.... whatever you celebrate. OR DONT CELEBRATE. still send my blessings =)

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