Saturday, December 27, 2014

saturdayyyyyy shopppping spreeeeee woooooo

so i went groceryy shopping and bought enough food to last us for.... uh.. a while.. almost a month or most of a month... and i got most of it at the dollar tree.. and the stuff at walmart was either $1-2 or the big stuff... like meat... i got enough for three meals of pork chops, 5 lbs of chicken breast which should be four or more meals depeding on what we do with them i guess... also, 2 one pound things of ground hamburger meat, and 2 one pound things of ground turkey

... we have a wooden filing cabinet-- four shelves high... packed with various foods. thank you mom and dad for letting me take that filing cabinet .. i wanna have it full of food and stocked for anything and everything for emergencies or what not. #housewifeissues and now the cabinet and spice rack on the door is empty so we have space for the stuff on the table to go up and have more of a table to use now.

i am reorganizing and going to clean everything when i get over this cold (still not feeling good)

mom and dad got us a microwave for christmas because our broke a while back and now.. yay easy to make soup
they also got up four wooden tray tables that we are using for various things.. i have my chromebook sitting on one right now while im typing this.. theres one in the bedroom next to my side of the bed for when i want to put books there. we have two more..
my grandparents gave stan and us both money for christmas
i am getting back into some  and jewelry making and i dunnooo life is good

i am so happy right now i cant even.... wow

i have so much joy and i have never let myself be happy before

this is such a weird feeling

planning meals every week and sectioning off the week into portions of time so its now a huge yawning abyss of uncertainty... i cant handle it... it freaks me out.. i think maybe that is one of the things that was the biggest reason i cant handle not.. being.. i dunno.. i need structure. i collapse in on myself without it.

tomorrow is another day to put stuff away and relax and try to get over being sick... ughhh

gotta get my digestion back on track too

so.. anyway gonna plan some meals and put up some laundry and i wash some more and i dunnooooo

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