Thursday, December 11, 2014

riding the end of a wave of synchronicity right nowwww

so... uh long story short-- Stan/Me had a little Synchronicity set of events happen that was triggered by Stan seeing his personal special lucky number come up randomly somewhere... and it just snow balled.

i dont want to explain it all here its just... too personal. most synchronicity is... its just stuff that is meaningful to you and the people involved.

I love seeing/hearing the amazement people have when they realize this is for real.

mom had a dream that dad was in a wreck ... she woke up... a few minutes later dad called her to tell her he was in a wreck. its so cute .. mom was all like "ive never had a dream premonition before!!"
 so adorable-- i love seeing people waking up. i never thought my mother would but... maybe this is the start!

and fuck tons of other stuff that happened with stan and me today that involves our new neighbors who are apparently awesome.

have a lot to do and i cant even.. i dont know

i need to consult my tarot cards and then try to sleep

so much is happeninnnnnng

there is an electricity in the air


its all happening

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