Saturday, December 6, 2014

random shit... pics and notes and what not.

my second wreath of sorts (i like this one a lot.... i want to add a tiny bit more to it soon and will be going back to the dollar store for stuff)
 the first one i did was last christmas and it was so pathetic but i kept it because i was so proud of the weaving and braiding i did on the fly for the first try! its hanging above the head of the bed nowwwww.. with a cross and dream catcher and a sea shell i we have hanging. up there. (we are very peculiar mixes of beliefs, indeed, but i wouldn't have it any other way)

this is a tiny $0.79 cent christmas tree i got at the thrift store and decorated with tiny flowers made out of pipecleaners and curled ribbons and such (and the rest of the the usual decor on top of my bookshelf in the livingroom)

2 sets of dollar tree christmas lights in the windows lolol

his and her placemats on the kitchen table =P
hazelnut cream coffee scented candle
plastic halloween glass we got on clearance fuck yeah halloween

christmas tree alternative... green tree garland tacked to wall in shape of tree.. with lights tacked up. and hand made ornaments and such from pipecleaners shaped in flowers, coffee filter snow flakes, and also some fake poinsetta blossoms covered in red glitter that i got at the dollar store --- i took the flower bloom part off and tacked it up on the wall.. dont need the leaves and stems and all that haha


anyway now down to the real stuff--
my meds have been adjusted. like i said before. but we never got the OTHER HALF done yet until today.
so now, in a few weeks i will REALLY get he full affect of the new med changes. but i can already tell you that adding Latuda has been almost life changing. its just as amazing as wellbutrin was, well.... is... except now i am even more depressed and having some schizo symptoms so an antipsychotic is probably a good thing... especially since this one is for bipolar type I major depression episodes--- and schizophrenia

yeah, this is one the the newest things out on the market--- i used to be scared to death of being a guinea pig but now i am living in town and have good communication and ability to travel to the clinic if things are weird. and stan will be here to help me if i have sideaffects
which i have
the Latuda causes over heating-- like... i am not supposed to get too hot or do strenuous exercise. i dont know exactly why but it was one of the main things they talked about in the info that came with it. also it can mess with my blood sugar. which is already a problem so that is something we are having to work really hard on. other stuff.. dizzyness from bloodpressure issues when going from laying to standing too fast--- its way worse than usual for me, i feel like an old person! its ridiculous!

 i dunno.. what.... i am tired of talking about it. its exhausting

Stan and i stayed up until 4am last night... haha... it was nice to spend some... quality time together cough cough. =P I LOVE YOU STAN

Today stan bought all my medicine for me, because he takes care of me like a real man should. he also bought be this sexy ass apron to wear when im cooking/cleaning cause i have already went though the getting grease an bleach platter on my shirts and them being ruined and i do not want do not want do not want. ok thanks.



he also bought me this huuuuge xxxxxxxxxxl mens zip up sweatshirt vest hoodie... its like.. sweatshirt material.... in that light heather gray kind of??? but zips up like a jacket--- and has pockets and a hood like a hoodie... i love itttt.. its sleeve less, ya know? like a vest.
im gonna wear the really skin tight long john thermal looking shirts that i have in 329483 colors underneath it or something.

or wear it with my new tshirts
one of which is a collage of cat faces thats printed on the the front side of the shirt
its a mens shirt that is supposed to be all lame hipster shit
but i dont really care.
i fucking love cats
i have wanted a cat shirt all this time and never got one because i was pissed off
now i just dont care
i have a shirt with kitty faces on it
i dont give a fuck it makes me smile

i also got a zelda tshirt
like, i think this might be the first one ive gotten that i actually OWNED MYSELF
i think?


i need to get on playing those vidya gaem roms and also get stan to go to Replays and get some games for the N64 cause i take old consoles over this emulator shit and remakes anyday


i have had some really fucked up dreams lately
i dont even know.. i cant explain them its absurd

i dont know if i mentioned this before but we can watch  Netflix like we are in canada or UK etc. and they have lots of stuff that we want to watcht that we cant watch here

oh wow i was just typing that and my right hand has a spasm so weird

we watch "The Desolation of Smaug" tonight....  well, i tried to. i couldn't focus for part of it, and the other part i was nodding off so bad i was having my falling asleep convulsions while i was sitting awake trying to watch

ok so.. on december 20th i have my REYNOLDS FAMILY CHRISTMAS
at the fayette civic center because nobody wants to have it at their house or has big enough house anymore right now (a lot of new kiddos in the mix suddenly ha)
and the VERY NEXT DAY we will be meeting Stan's DAD and step mom because they're coming down here to see us since Stan cant go back up there this winter (for the second year in a row now) because of his job =(
so i have one hell of  a week end coming up
so not excited
but also excited


im gonna go write in my paper journal and sleep now

we need to purchase this domain again for another year soon\ must remind him of that tomorow

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