Wednesday, December 31, 2014

last humpday of 2014

So... I have had this cold for about a week now... Stan is just now getting it really bad.
however, i discovered a way to cheat on the head congestion thing
i have this new heating pad that Stan got me for christmas.. so
i put on top of my head and wrapped it around down my head... the heat made all the stuff liquidy (like when you take  a hot shower, ya know) drain out of my head and i spent the next two hours blowing it out my nose

i woke up today there is a huge different in the pressure... even my eyes felt it

needless to say we bought a ton of kleenex and we are using them up very fast

i have some kind of inspiration going with my jewelry shit now and so i am hoping to get that done today
gonna watch desperate housewives and make jewelry until time to make spaghetti dinner

i need to vacuum the floors but the vacuum is weird and i swear it doesnt work like it used to

i got my latuda in so now i have my super expensive antidepressant that kicks ass for $5 a month instead of $200 it wouldve been

ok i am going to update this again later but for now i guess this is it
ok its 5:20 pm i am about to start cooking dinner and i just took some kind of shower bath thing and i am cleannn

i took down the christmas tree on the wall and put evertything away pretty much.. we need a big rubbermaid storage bin but i wanna wait unilt they mark them down cause you know they mark them up right around this time cause EVERYBODY IS STORING THEIR SHIT AWAY

i have decided to start wearing a wrap/cover over my hair when i go out
it looks very gypsy when i do it... and its suiting... hair is powerful stuff. people stare at me because of mine. its enticing. and eye catching and yeah.. i know i like attention but its getting to be too much--- i cant go anywhere without being gawked at (or is this my paranoia???)
i dont know
i feel like people look at me once and then look away when i had my hair covered today
its like. nothing to see here move along. thanks
i also get to show of my earring that i make when i do this!!!!! nobody would see them hardly before! now i can advertise on myself--- better remember to take business cards with meeeeee haaaaaa

i have this really weird uneasy feeling
like something weird behind my eyes
i think this head congestion is doing weird stuff

i just wanna go to bedddd

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