Tuesday, December 2, 2014

housewife stuffffff

so starting this week i am cooking dinner for Stan every week night (if i can, trying to do it every night)

so far its been good and he has liked everything ive cooked.
monday was chicken and potatoes coated in olive oil and herbs baked in the onion

its kind of scary for me i am scared that i wont cook good enough but he seems pretty impressed so far.

uh anyway

I also made my first yule wreath thing
and its on the door nowwwwww =3

my reynolds family christmas is on dec 20
and the day after that Stan's dad and step mom are here to see us... so I have a lot of socializing to do in very small amount of time... its kind of really freaking me out. like... really really really freaking out

i have a good bit of christmas presents to finish between now and then.... four necklaces.
one with a dragon fly
one with a butter fly
one with a tree of life charm
and one with an elephant charm -- which will be the more complicated one.

tomorrow i have to go to indian rivers and register for prescription assistance for the Latuda medication that i have started taken.. its working pretty well and its hella expensive and the only way i can afford it is this way

i will run out of samples before it goes through so i hope to god they can keep me in supply from the samples they have at the clinic until then

and thursday or friday we have to go to the pharmacy and get my other meds refilled--- which includes an increase in the prozac again---- much needed. i wish we couldve done this sooner but we just didnt have the money for a while i guess.

i thought i wasnt sleep but now i really just wana lay down
tomorrow is going to be hard because i hate doing paperwork for shit like this it makes me all kinds of panicky as hell

so goodnight i guess 

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