Sunday, November 16, 2014

Week end at my parents house

When Stan got off work Friday we packed up and went to my parents house for the weekend. We took miss lilly and Hercules with us so we didn't have to worry about the furrbabies.

Friday night mom made delicious beef stew in the crock pot. And sourdough bread. Was so good.

Saturday was Game day and I slept most of the day but I did stay awake for the Alabama game.
Stan made breakfast for every one which kept my mom from having to do it... Since she was going to have to cook so much for later.

And so for the game Mom made chicken wings... Some hot and some bbq (stan helped her with that I think haha)
Also delicious desserts that I am sad we didn't get left overs of.

I seriously slept all weekend. I dunno what is wrong. I feel very blank and also easily overwhelmed... But it's different than normal.

A quiet sadness has seeped up into my chest.. I'm not even sad. I have nothing to be sad about. It's a quiet stillness... Something I can't put my finger on. I don't know what it is.... I just feel..... Empty? Hallow? It doesn't hurt. I'm not crying at all.

If anything I am writing more... In a paper journal that I had and never used. It feels good to write and get things on paper. In a place that is not digital. No typing.

Plus There is just something special about seeing the handwriting that goes along with certain feelings or words or.... Thoughts.

My head is starting to hurt.

I am finally reading "House of Leaves"  by Mark z. Danielewski

Of course all of this is probably connected.

But no one is looking that close

Danielewski wrote another book that I have in my possession but... . I can't read it. For a lot of reasons.

I think I shall sleep now.
Sleep is so comforting.

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