Thursday, November 20, 2014

Tgi..... Thursday?

I think Stan is almost better from being sick.... He is going back to work today.

I started my new  medicine Latuda last night even though I probably should have let the St. Johns wort get out of my system more... But it's OK.
It's also an anti psychotic so I actually feel I bit more clear heard today so.... Haha maybe I am schizophrenic... It does run in the family and I do have most the symptoms.


So anyways back to work
Have some house work to do and need to get a shower pretty bad.

Gonna update this off and on today.

The swipe keyboard thing makes updating on the fly super easy... Though I've been to depressed to do it much lately..... I think things will be looking up here shortly.

Is now 8:52
I had to take a nap right before stan got home because I had some headache pretty bad. He let me sleep until I woke up.. Which was just now. Though so soon as I got out of bed my head started hurting again.

Anyways today was pretty productive. I got a lot of the small chores that had built up out of the way... I even had time to cook my self grilled cheese sandwiches (which I'm not supposed to eat anymore because my body doesn't do cheese lol)
But oh my god they were heavenly. And we have a huge block of colby monterrey jack Swiss cheese in there that is going to start molding soon and I am going to be so pissed......  I am tired of the food I get going bad. Especially when it's stuff HE wanted me to buy. Though I will be honest and say I can't remember if I wanted the cheese or if he did but he usually was always wanting cheese so I think it's him.....

Anyway.. Also the eggs need to be eaten soon. Damn it.

I'm having to eat cereal because the milk is going to go bad too.

I watched an episode or two of "desperate housewives" .... The site is just hilarious. I like it because it's so horrible.

I'd rather watch "the riches" or "weeds"  but stan said he would watch both of those with me and are almost halfway into the riches I think.
I stopped watching weeds when he promised to watch it with me because it would be so much more fun with someone else.

I just took my second dose of Latuda. I have to take it with food.... The pamphlet specifically says it has to be at least 350 calories. That is fucking insane to eat right at bed time but oh fucking well if rather be happy and not depressed in a month or two... Even if I gain weight... Which is one of the most common side effects.
Right along with decreased white blood cell count.

Good stuff.

Anyways my headache is getting worse so I'm going to bed

Yay for being able to update on phone in the dark haha

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