Tuesday, November 11, 2014

So today  wasn't all that bad. I woke up and finished two bracelet orders that had been waiting....  I made soup on the stove  because the microwave shat itself a few days ago. And  nothing bad happened. Yay me. Or something.

I am a fat ass right now and it's driving me insane. I'm getting mom to bring the exercise machine here cause I can't exactly leave the house a lot to go be active. No gas money and...... Well, walking around our apartment complex is kind of dangerous. And makes me really nervous. And scared.

So I'm gonna watch Netflix And ride this indoor bicycle thing lol.... Yeah.  I dunno
Something has to change because I am fucking miserable with myself.
I'm tired of hearing how healthy I look and shit. I don't care I want to wear the clothes I have that I love good damn it.
So fuck this... Imma do it my way 

Anyways.  Old friends are coming to talk to me again and that makes me so very nostalgic and wtf.
It's okay I can handle it for one lol.

I need to sleep now so good night blogspot blogger whatever

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