Friday, November 7, 2014

so its friday

since i lost posted not much has happened.. at least not to me....

I feel so bad for stan and there is nothing i can do about it and it makes me feel helpless and useless and worthless.


i am constantly thinking i've done something wrong because, for me, that would mean i could fix something. but i havent, and there is nothing for me to fix.


my samsung galaxy media player that i've had for like.. three years? four? i dunno how long its been now...
wont get past the start up animation just gets hung up and does it over and over and over
i am livid because all the FUN THINGS I DO ARE ON THERE.
my cellphone, while being android, has pretty much NO internal storage and i cannot have any apps or games on it other than what is on there now. i uninstalled and reset to factory and turned off auto updates on a lot of shit that came on it so i could make it better but its still shit.

so there.

i am kind of miserable.

all my music was on there, id ont know if its backed up anywhere else--- it was supposed to be backed up at my parents house on a external hard drive but who the fuck knows if its still even there or working idek

today i am meeting mom at sams so i can get chicken nuggets in MASS
i love the bulk buying of that shit because we eat so much chicken


okay after shopping with mom we went out to eat and i got chinese food and it was great. also cigarettes. and then she took me to my car and i went to dollar tree and got a fuck ton of stuff
and came home

Stan came home and he stopped by and got chinese so he had some today tooo


Lost Girl is my show. for realz.

then we watched this random movie from the 1970s called "VirginWitch" and it was surprisingly good.... just like that other old movie i watched "The fuzzy pink nightgown"

need to watch more of this stuff. old cinema is the best.

tomorrow we are sleeping in --then doing some house work...
and going to my parents house tomorrow night for bonfire and grilling hamburgers and probably dice and drinking (well, i wont be but they willl)

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