Saturday, November 1, 2014

saturday morning recap for thursday-now

so on THURSDAY Stan called a shelter here in town and turns out they actually DO take guinea pigs-- so we had him all this time and had no idea. ffff. but its ok. he was a good little man. didnt poop or pee on me at all, even though he was terrified.
Stan got off work early on thursday so we could go by the shelter and drop him off.. i wanted to say good bye but Stan thought it might be easier if i didnt

so since he left early he had to go back to the radio station for something and I got to meet people and i was dressed like an absolutely FOOOL. i felt so stupid so so stupid.

Friday I was in pain a lot with my gastrointestinal BM issues or whatever
but i did dress up as a witch and hand out candy two 5 kids friday night!!!

i owned every part of this costume already except for the hat haha.

I have just taken Octobers journal entries out of my folder and archived them--- since i am doing a loose leave paper journal in binders ... gonna have once binder a year (after this year, i started in august lol) with twelve sections.... and a page or two for each day. with my meds, foods, what i planned to do, what i did what happened.

 i know now that my memory cannot be counted on to work later so i want to remember all of this special time i am having with Stan right now in this way so i cant forget how amazing he is to me... even if my memory goes, i will have this to look back on and read and maybe trigger the memories again

today we are supposed to go shopping for jeans and then meet my parents for dinner at Red Lobster around 5:30 ..... i am not looking forward to the shopping because i know i am like 5 sizes bigger i just KNOW IT.. but i am tired of wear the pants i have now.

i should probably stay up but i dont think i can

i guess i will sleep until noon

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