Friday, November 28, 2014

Lol its Friday

I totally forgot to post the Monday post and now it's Friday.

I'm at my parents house. We got here at noon on Thanksgiving and will be here until Sunday.
It's nice to get out of town when you know all the football crazed fans will be taking over the city.

Thanksgiving was good despite my nana being on all the wrong meds and being a mess. She was still sweet in her own way. The food was amazing. My nana makes the best sweet potato pie thing in the world. But even sure if it's a pie but it sure as hell taste like one. Yum.

Ffffffff and you know my period decided to start as soon as we got here.  And I had no tampons. But my boyfriend is the best and went to the store and got some for me. He even gets the right ones now.  =P

I don't know what it is about being here but I stay so sleepy the whole time. Feels so good to sleep...
It just sucks me in. Deep unshakable sleep..
Speaking of.... Gonna do that soon.

It's been so wonderful to spend time with my parents and my brother. Stan is the perfect Addition to our family and I am so very happy.

Good night Internet

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