Tuesday, November 4, 2014

its tuesdayyyy

so much has happened that my brain hurts

i dont even know what i last blogged about.
what i do know is that yesterday, on monday, Stan's car wouldnt start and it was my fault.
and so for all the trouble and the fact that i have to get meds this week too--  decided to not go to band rehearsal to save gas money.
nevermind me


then stan got to work and got bad news about his coworkers leaving the radio station. so now he is going to be one of the main people on shit and he probably wont get to go home for christmas for two years in a row now. and its his friends that are leaving so that makes it worse


then today i lost the apartment key at walmart because it fell off my keychains... the fob and key and all came off. they found it in the parking lot. its not bent and i can use it still, so here i am at home.

i am leaving out some pretty funny and also strange details here about the assistant manager of walmart and i having another weird moment of him kind of hitting on me but not really but he did kind of.

other stuff is happening but i dont think i want to talk about it right now

aaaaand i just had my first random note left on the porch/stoop asking for help with magic stuff

so i guess its common knowledge now??? lol

imma start charging for this shit ???? i dont know

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